Edge: Printable Electronics

MConnected’s IoT solutions primarily operate on LoRaWAN Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) that are optimised for battery life, range, indoor-outdoor coverage, bi-directionality and cost. They utilise a variety of field-based sensors, designed to send small amounts of data over long distances. Each of the sensors send their short packets of data to a gateway. 
MConnected have a 2 year framework agreement with the National Centre of Printed Electronics, (CPI). The agreement allows the business to develop edge devices. 


Gateway M2M Data Communication Devices

Asset, Personnel and remote data movement solutions - transferring data from the edge devices M-Core Cloud  or en-premise services  through GPRS and satellite constellations.
We have recognized the need for certain key third party complimentary gateway  devices, which are enablers to our service. MConnected have now longstanding strategic partners ships  with key gateway manufacturers, Telco' s and satellite providers. 

M-Core IoT Platform

This enhanced IoT (Internet of things)   platform breaks down the harvest data gathered from the previous two solutions and surfaces the information in a unique way that is relevant and exclusive to your business.
We provide the M-Core platform to engineer secure IoT fast enabling companies to build and deploy IoT solutions on M-Core Platform.
This is achieved via a developer friendly API at the same time solving  the complex security and performance required for IoT.
 M-Core  enable companies to connect their enterprise to IoT.
Predict changes to products and services before the market tells you too! through M-Core Social IoT. Follow your products and services direct to you're end customer and hear what they say about them.