Edge Asset Data


Many Analysts have confirmed that IoT is currently the most prominent technology in the digital transformation that is washing through businesses the world over. It has taken a lead over other forms of innovation – but importantly this is because without the sensors and the information they provide, many other innovations stall. Machine learning, robotics, automation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and augmented reality in many circumstances can only bring significant value when they are guided by the most accurate data possible. 

Asset Connectivity


For IoT deployments to succeed, connectivity must be constant enough to collect and transmit data between multiple devices, as without consistent data insights companies are unable to suitably monitor their assets. Effective connectivity is also necessary to ensure the safety of personnel in more remote locations or where safety or environmental hazards might be an issue, by ensuring availability during difficult times or emergencies. 

M-Core IoT

We provide the M-Core platform to engineer secure IoT fast Enabling companies to build and deploy IoT solutions on M-Core Platform
We provide a developer friendly API based IoT platform
We solve the complex security and performance required for IoT
MConnected  enable companies to connect their enterprise to IoT. 

M-Core's  Blockchain technology allows businesses to accelerate their IOT platform and be at the forefront of their market. The M-Core platform fully supports transactions on crypto currencies such as ethereum.

Data Analytics


Data has always been a key asset for some companies, but over the last three to five years, it has gone from "important" to "critical." Data, and more important, data analysis, have become a true competitive advantage for a variety of industries and businesses, not just the Facebooks, Amazons, and Googles of the world.

What sets the M-Connected aside from the competition is its quality of our people suppliers and channel partners and their ability to work as an integrated team giving an unparalleled service to customers. We have adopted a unique partnering approach for project delivery, Our success has been achieved through working closely with our clients and partners to understand their business needs, their operational challenges, goals and most importantly, their customers expectations and aspirations.